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Digital transformation and Big Data Solutions

Business today is becoming increasingly challenging.  Competition is not only coming from your industry peers, but from ‘digital disruptors’ that you don’t even know about yet.  Our firm was established to deal with the challenges of modern business.

We are a consulting firm that specialises in delivering competitive advantage to our clients.  We help our clients become leaders in their industry through digital transformation and big data solutions.

digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is affecting all industries, including yours. A recent survey confirmed that 78 percent of companies believe that digital transformation will be critical for their organisations. However, only 15 percent of the companies surveyed are getting the expected value from their digital transformation initiatives.  So what makes a digital transformation successful?

Effective digital transformation programmes are organisational wide change initiatives.  It’s important to establish the strategy and the vision for the digital transformation.  Communicating the vision and getting the ‘buy in’ from your team is an important factor.

As with any change initiative, the ‘people’ component is critical to its success.  We combine well established change management methodologies with cutting edge silicon valley approaches to ensure the digital transformation is successful.

Although each digital transformation initiative is different, there are three broad elements that are common that include:

  • Transforming the customer experience:  This can significantly increase revenue as well as improve the cost to income ratio of your organisation.
  • Process improvement:  Process improvement can be within the organisation’s value chain and also extend to its supply chain.  These initiatives typically improve the productivity of your organisation that should yield higher profit margins.
  • Transforming your business models:  This can include disrupting your business model completely.  This may seem counter intuitive if your current business model is successful.  However, we believe it is better that you disrupt your own model business model rather than a competitor disrupt it for you.
Digital transformation and Big Data solutions

Big Data Solutions

Data is being generated at an unprecedented level from a variety of sources.  The volume of data is expected to grow 50 times year on year between now and 2020.  The interesting part is that most of this data is generated by machine generated sources.  The number of active wireless devices connected to the Internet is expected to grow from 16 billion devices in 2014 to 40.9 billion devices in 2020.  With this abundance of data, why do organisations only leverage 12 percent of the available data and discard 88 percent?

Volume of data

Legacy technologies such as relational databases just cannot handle the volume of data in a cost effective manner.  These technologies do not ‘scale’ in line with the data growth we are experiencing.  This leads to organisations archiving most of their data rendering it difficult to analyse.

The next generation technologies allow us to store an abundance of data on cost effective commodity servers either on premise or in the cloud.  These technologies leverage a ‘distributed architecture’ where compute cycles are delegated to commodity servers in the cluster.  This allows much more processor intensive analytic tasks to be performed.

As the data volume increases, next generation technologies allow us to scale by simply adding more commodity servers to our cluster.  The system caters for data replication and automatic failover scenarios in case one of the commodity servers fails.  There is no need to ‘scale up’ (e.g. buy a more powerful server) because compute cycles are distributed to the commodity servers in the cluster.

Variety of data

The exponential growth of data is being experienced from a variety of different data sources that includes machine generated sources (e.g. sensors) and social media sources.  Most of this data is in an unstructured format.

In order for unstructured data to be analysed by legacy technologies, it would have to be ‘transformed’ into a structured format.  This was known as the ‘extract, transform and load’ phase.  As this required significant development effort, most organisations only transformed a small percentage of the unstructured data that was available.

With next generation technologies, we can work directly with un-structured data.  This reduces the expensive ‘ETL’ phase of the legacy technologies and allows us to deliver business insight quickly.  The reduction of the code used to support the ETL phase also minimises the cost of ownership (e.g. maintenance costs) of the analytics platform.

Competitive Advantage

These next generation technologies have emerged from the largest companies in the Silicon Valley including Google, Yahoo and Amazon.  These technologies now delivering real value to companies in all industries including financial services, mining, health care, manufacturing, agriculture and government to name a few.

Big Data analytics can be leveraged to help you increase your revenue and minimise your costs while improving your service levels.  Please do contact us to discuss how we can leverage our Big Data expertise to deliver competitive advantage to your organisation.


Client Confidentiality

We have a strict policy of not divulging our client’s identification or their project details.

However, we can provide a high level summary of the projects our team members have implemented.

Significant Government Project

Significant Government Project

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Financial Services Industry

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Meet the Team


Gaj Varma

Gaj Varma

Gaj has over 20 years experience in building high growth companies that leverage information technology and data science to gain competitive advantage. At Ember Software, he leverages this invaluable experience to build ‘game changing’ solutions for his clients.

Prior to founding Ember Software, he was the Chief Information Officer for ThinkSmart Limited (ASX:TSM) for nearly 14 years. ThinkSmart delivers point of sale financial services to leading retailers in Australia and the UK such as JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, OfficeWorks, PC World (UK) and Currys (UK).

Having joined the company in its start-up phase, he drove strategic projects that transformed it from a privately owned domestic company to an international financial services company that had a market capitalisation of AU$215 million on its IPO. In September 2004, he was voted as one of the ‘Top Seven CIOs’ in Australia by MIS magazine that included CIOs from NAB, Telstra and other leading organisations.

Prior to joining ThinkSmart, Gaj was a Management Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers specialising in project management of innovative software solutions. He has also held various IT roles in organisations such as Asgard Wealth Solutions (subsidiary of Westpac), Fujitsu Consulting (UK), PanCredit Systems (UK) and AlphaWest.

Gaj has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Science) from ECU and a Masters of Business Administration from UWA where he graduated with Distinction and as a Tracy Horton Scholar. He is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

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